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Patterdale Terrier ZAK is around two years old. He is fantastic around people and other dogs, but anyone taking on this cheeky lad needs to be aware and prepared for his high prey drive.

Zak needs a busy and active lifestyle where he is exercised physically and mentally to use up the stored energy.- Otherwise he is likely to chase animals that run and birds! Or he may become destructive which

 occurs because the dog must vent his energy. “Destructive chewing is the most common avenue for release of trapped energy. Chewing soothes the dog's adrenal system in much the same way a smoker's cigarette provides relaxation to its user. Digging stimulates the dog's curiosity and helps tire the dog as well. It is not unusual to observe bursts of energy where the dog runs in what appears to be a mad frenzy around the house, leaping over furniture, bowling over anything standing in their path, and generally creating chaos in the process. Dogs with too much stored energy may also bark too much. jump fences, or mouth human body parts.” - Quoted from

Zak is on trial in a new home.