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Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

“We the undersigned, are part of the very exclusive Wolfwood Staffy Gang. We feel that because of our breed and looks, we are discriminated against. We receive unfair press due to a minority of Staffies who have been bred by unscrupulous people. We are not status symbols.

Lots of people think we look fierce, but that’s our smile! Staffies are friendly, loyal, fun, good with children, have bags of personality and just want to be part of a loving family.

We have been abandoned and are overlooked when kind people want a new dog. Not all rescue dogs have issues.

Please give us the opportunity to show you, that those of us here at Wolfwood do not deserve negative press. Please, please give us a chance? Thank you.”

RSPCA Lancaster & Morecambe

We always have a high number of Staffies  of varying ages in need of new homes. Thirteen of them were videoed walking out together. They are all now homed. We work with their social skills so that they will happily fit into society.

The Wolfwood      Staffy Gang!

Mossy,           Cyril             Connie,        Buddy,      Maggie,         Misty,        Bruno.