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This is TWIX.

Twix is about seven months old. (Sept’19)

Twix is a collection of (Liquorice) Allsorts, but not a Yorkie, he is a (Turkish) Delight of a young lad who is friends with everyone and everything. We don’t know how he is with (Kit) Kats. Twix needs someone who will Revel in him and concentrate on a Galaxy of training Topic(s). It will be no Picnic, but as long as you don’t Fudge the issues and allow him tiny Treets he will show you how Smartie(s) he can be. He will reward you with Bounty(ous) loyalty and accompany you on Marathon(s), but not Mars yet as he’s still young and After Eight is a bit late to be out. You could be perfect Matchmakers, on a journey to a new Galaxy, a mini Hero and his All Gold mate, with lots of Celebrations along the way!

Shhh! - just Wispa - it could all turn out Roses!

Contact 07931220094

Twix is reserved.