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Hi -  My name is SHYLA, I'm a 23 month old German Shepherd X Akita.

I'll start with my good points (and there are many if I do say so myself). I walk well on the lead, love being off the lead and don't go too far away, I am also totally house trained. At night I sleep in a crate which I quite like because I feel safe. I really like my food and that makes me easy to train, I'm also not aggressive around food.

Now I'll tell you about my not so good points. I'm a bit of a worrier when I'm left alone, people who've had me before (quite a few because they don't understand me) say I can be a bit destructive when left alone, however, with a bit of patience, fair leadership, exercise and the company of another dog, I may well be be fine.

I'm quite headstrong and  I'll admit to being a little bit stubborn!

In the house I'm easy going and enjoy a siesta or three. Because of my breed combination I do need regular brushing and you would have to have a good vacuum cleaner.

I would like to meet someone who has an understanding of separation anxiety, or someone with patience and willing to learn.

I travel well in the van so if you'd like to meet me you can call 07931220094.

Shyla is on trial in a new home.