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Staffordshire Bull Terrier SASHA will be three years old in October ‘17. She was with her owner from 8 weeks old, but a change in her home situation means that very reluctantly, Sasha needs a new home.  

Her owner says -She (Sasha) has become unhappy and it shows in that she has started to 'self harm', she is rubbing her back on the crate she sleeps in and has taken her fur off. She is a lovely dog and would make a great addition for somebody who has time to walk her and give her the attention she craves. She can be hyper and sometimes test people but overall her temperament is great, she has never shown aggression to anyone and I have had her since she was 8 weeks old.”

Please ring 07931220094 if you can offer this lovely girl a new life.  

Sasha was on trial in a new home, she is a lovely girl, but unfortunately it didn’t work out, she needs clear rules and boundaries.

 If you might be able to offer her the right environment, please contact 07931220094

Sasha is on trial in a new home.