Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

REX is a Collie Cross-breed, who is 12-14 years old.

He currently belongs to a lady who has gone into a nursing home.

Rex can be protective of boundaries and becomes anxious when left alone - his owner was house-bound and he is not used to being left.

He walks well on the lead but can be overly focused on sniffing and scent marking.

He can be let off the lead and will stay in the vicinity, but does not recall too well (you need to follow him to get him back on the lead).

He is very friendly with people and is ok with other dogs, but is generally focused on sniffing them rather than interacting with them.

Rex is an old chap looking for a comfortable retirement, he likes to rest lots so would be great company for maybe an older or lesser active person.

Rex is on trial in a new home.