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Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

Due to difficult and distressing circumstances these dear friends RENO & SKYE are in need of a new home. It would be preferred for them to be together, but not everyone can take on two large dogs. A detailed report from their previous owner follows.

German Shepherd/ Husky Cross RENO is 7 years old. Neutered. Not lived with Children. Non aggressive.

Reno is a very friendly dog and gets on with all people & children especially for belly rubs and loves to play, he can be a bit heavy handed at times.

When out for walks he can be stubborn in recall, a long lead is advisable at first. He is good in walking with you and understand the word "Heel" and "Sit" before crossing a road, same for Skye.

Reno was very challenging when we first got him, but he has progressed very well, he suffers from anxiety, which is why we acquired Skye.

He has a real fear of cages if left on his own for a period of time - gets so distressed, he wets himself and guards it.

Our vet knows how he is and  they sedate him as a last resort. He needs to be muzzled when seeing a vet - he isn't very keen on them.

Reno is very intelligent and watches you all the time, he likes opening cupboards! He is quite clingy and doesn't like to be left twice in one day.

Reno is recovering from his second right crucible knee implant and still needs the muscle built up with short walks, he thinks he can do sprints and jumps  which is a no no for the moment. His Vet has given him the all clear. Reno cannot sit properly with proper bended knees and will be like this for the rest of his life and most probably get arthritis for which I have been giving supplements.

He doesn't like being shouted at especially if it’s someone he doesn't know, he sometimes guards his food but with the "Wait" before placing his food, he is fine. I do not take it away while he is eating it. Reno loves veg, fruit and some salad, as well as meat. He also loves ice cubes!


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Reno and Skye are reserved.