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Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

RED - a good name for this young chap! Red is 18 months  - 2 years old. (As of Jan ‘19)

Lin of Happy Harvey’s Dog Coaching is currently working with him on the issue.                 

“Red is an anxious young chap who has is whole life ahead of him, Red was extremely fearful of cars which caused him to lunge when they passed. Red has proven to be a quick learner, as he no longer displays this behaviour, however he still struggles to remain calm. Whilst out walking he is still tense and hyper vigilant of his surroundings which is a sign of fear and anxiety. I am currently helping him to engage in sniff and search games as this helps to focus his attention elsewhere whilst encouraging calm, relaxed behaviour which will help increase his confidence. Red also chews on his tail, this is also due to anxiety however, this behaviour will lessen and hopefully cease altogether once he is in his forever home.  

Red is on the lookout for someone who can provide him with a calm, relaxed environment and who has the time and patience to continue to help increase his confidence and show him that the world can be a fun place to explore.

He is a strong lad on a lead, but is working every day on his technique.”