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“Generally Odin is a lovely dog, who is super friendly and loves to be out running and playing.  He is ok around other dogs but prefers to be off his lead when meeting them out and about as he tends to pull on his lead to get to them. He generally gets 3-4 smaller walks and 1 longer walk each day - he will usually let you know when he wants to go out, as he does not like to foul his own garden/yard, and we have encouraged this. He usually walks well on the lead but is a strong lad so needs a strong owner. He loves to sniff, everything and will also try to pick up any food lying about - so you need to be aware.  He is house trained, eats well (dry food), and is up to date with his injections/worming/flea treatments. Odin’s favourite treat is carrot or dog biscuits. Chicken tends to upset his stomach for some reason so he has been on a beef and vegetable dry mix. Odin is also micro-chipped.

Odin loves to be the centre of attention and can be jealous if he is not.”

If you have a spacious home and are interested in offering for him to fill it, please ring 07931220094 and arrange to meet him.

Three year old Great Dane/Labrador Cross ODIN is a big dog. He is now at Wolfwood, but the report below is from his previous owner.

Odin is on trial in a new home.