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Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

These alert ears belong to the lovely MUNCHKIN, she is about five years old.

Lin of Happy Harvey’s Dog Coaching is currently working with her.

Munchkin is an anxious girl who finds kennel life stressful, she can become over stimulated by her surroundings, and struggles to focus. However, I have been working with her for a few weeks now in the “training shack” to encourage calm, relaxed behaviour. Munchkin has progressed well within this environment she is able to relax enough to engage in basic manners training.  Munchkin can sit, wait, lay down and go to her bed on request she loves to play with her tug toy and is now able to leave it when asked. We are nearly ready to move this training outside of this environment to continue our focus work, so she is able to feel relaxed whilst walking on the lead.

While Munchkin may be timid on first meeting, she soon gets over it.”

To arrange to meet her please call  07931220094.