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A change in domestic situation means that four year old Patterdale Terrier MINNIE’s owners are unable to give her the lifestyle she deserves. This is their report.

“Minnie is fantastic around children. She has never shown any aggression towards people or other dogs, but small animals she wants to hunt (typical worker terrier). Her recall is good, but not when distracted by something like a rabbit or another dog. She has not been let off the lead unless the field/track is secure.

The only destructive time is when she knows there’s food ie, the kitchen bin. She understands her place, but only when there are strict rules, like not going on the sofa unless invited, or not going into bedrooms. Minnie loves car journeys and happily waits in the car when needed. She is very trainable with treats. Her only major trait is she always seems desperate for food and will eat anything - food obsessed.”  

If you are able to offer Minnie a home with plenty of exercise and loving discipline, please contact us on 07931220094.

Minnie is on trial in a new home.