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Two year old Border Collie MILO has tons of energy. He is a very active dog and needs lots of exercise with mental stimulation.

We recommend a new home where youngsters are at least 14 years old.


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Lin, from Happy Harvey’s Dog Coaching is working with Milo. Wolfwood is very grateful to her for donating time and expertise in helping our dogs. Her very helpful report follows:-

“Milo, is a typical Border Collie and has all the characteristics of this working breed. Milo loves nothing better than to play throw and fetch with “Mr Duck” - the first thing he does when he meets you is invite you to play.

Milo is walking well on the lead he now engages in sniffing and scent marking which redirects his attention from overly focusing up ahead. This is a relatively new behaviour for Milo so will need to be continually encouraged until it becomes the norm.

Although Milo walks with other dogs when being walked, he becomes overly focused on other dogs that are walking behind, up ahead or walking towards him, to the point of becoming overstimulated. it is then that he becomes reactive and has been known to snap at these times.

Therefore, now Milo has learnt to sniff and scent mark this will help so we can help him with this next stage of his training. We are currently working on this by doing distance work, so if we see a dog up ahead or behind we are working at a distance that Milo feels comfortable with, so he is still able to sniff and scent mark. This will keep him under threshold, so he begins to feel less anxious and worried, we will slowly decrease the distance overtime at Milo’s pace.

Milo has proven to be a quick learner so if he’s true to form I have every confidence that he will improve. Border Collies are known for their high intelligence and ability to be quick to learn, Milo is no exception. I have every confidence that with a consistent approach and commitment to his training, whilst providing him with the physical and mental exercise that his breed needs he will make someone a wonderful companion.

Milo is reserved.