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Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

Belgium Shepherd Dog MAYA is only 18 months  -  2yrs old. She arrived with us at the end of January 2013. She was found abandoned at the motorway junction. Maya was in an appalling condition and suffering from severe Demedectic Mange, with weeping and bleeding open lesions all over her body.She had probably had it most of her life. Maya’s fur was shaved in order to treat the areas more easily, but as she has recovered it has grown back and is beautiful, shiny and soft.

Maya is a lovely dog, gentle, loving, affectionate and trusting. It has taken eight months of treatment and loving care from the staff here, especially Chris who fostered her for the last few months, for her to arrive at the point of being released for adoption. Maya has found a wonderful new home and is living alongside Rocco, (pictured bottom right). Her new owner visited and spent time with her for weeks before we (and Chris) were happy that it was the right home and owner for her, and finally let her go. Maya has continued to need some treatment, but is doing so very well.

8 April 2013- she’s getting there!

Maya- post bath 19 April- Looking good!

16th May

January 2013

20 Feb

August - Maya is happily homed and sharing her life with Rocco. She has come a long way- well done girl!

Maya socialising at a sponsored walk, alongside other

 Wolfwood dogs.

Dec 2013. No comparison between the first and latest pics of her.