Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

JET is an absolute delight, she is a big bundle of energy and love. She loves humans, attention, cuddles, big runs, balls and just playing constantly!

Jet adores being with children but sadly ends up hurting them with her size and strength, knocking them over, scratching with her big paws etc all unintentionally, she is like the big, friendly giant!

Older children used to dogs will be fine as can tell her no and push her away if becoming too much. Jet definitely needs a dog confident owner, with plenty love and dedication to give, she is super clever, having been taught many tricks and socialising with other dogs whilst off the lead.

Jet is very strong and walks with a Halty training lead. She needs good long runs daily.

If you have the home, time and lifestyle to offer Jet her forever home please contact 07931220094.