Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

Introducing two Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier Cross cuties JACK and VERA, they are about twelve months old.

These photos were taken early October and with great difficulty.

Our staff have worked with Jack and Vera for a long time in order that they would even allow anyone to approach them, they were so very frightened and ‘jumpy’.

We believe they are quite possibly brother and sister.

Over the weeks they have slowly gained confidence and are improving all the time, they now go for walks on a lead.

Jack and Vera need a kind, understanding and patient new owner who will continue to nurture and help them towards their full potential.

It’s not essential that they are homed together, but they have obviously had a traumatic past and may be better together.

For further information, please ring 07931220094


Vera is on trial in a new home.