We have cared for some of our rescue horses for several years, but in early 2007 they were transferred to us for permanent sanctuary.


 Our horses and ponies are  well cared for and regularly receive the friendly  and expert attention of:


Farriery Ltd. (Dip WCF)

  Cowperthwaite Farm, Low Gill.

  Kendal. LA8 9BZ

  Contact: 07738877036



During Summer 2010  we constructed our own new stables with money from fundraising and profits from our charity shop.

Cheeky TRIGGER had chronic laminitis and his owner could no longer care for him. He is a seventeen year old Shetland X Icelandic, which means that he is a real tough nut!


Trigger has presented many challenges, his skill at squeezing through small gaps is finely tuned!! Although he would only stray far enough to locate an apple or carrot!

Trigger is the most sociable of ponies, always the first to meet and greet newcomers, he takes a healthy interest in everything going on around him.

Maverick now spends all day grazing, he is a very gentle horse and loves being talked to. His stunning grey mane and tail make him stand out. He requires a special diet with supplements and eats as much hay as he can !

Thirty one year old MAVERICK, an ex-racehorse, had a four year history of misbehaving, apparently he would throw riders without warning. His reputation almost brought about his destruction, but he was temporarily accommodated at an animal rescue before being found a new home. Eight months later he had been up to his old tricks and was back! A horse specialist felt that Maverick had probably sustained a broken pelvis while racing at some point, and had not been allowed long enough to  recover, so anyone riding him would cause him pain !


Any donations towards the care of our horses and ponies is sincerely appreciated.

Thank You.


8 September 2014

Maddy came to us in 2010 as  her owner could no longer care for her. She had arthritis in her joints and sarcoids, both of which were treated and monitored. She has had a happy and settled life, but despite every care the sarcoids progressed and became unmanageable. After consultation, the only option was to let her go to prevent further suffering.

RIP Maddy - a character !

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2015 - Trigger and Maverick are permanently with us, but we have several ponies which we rescued, cared for and are fully recovered but now need permanent foster homes asap. They will make good companion ponies. We have limited space for rescue horses.  

For further details please ring Stephen on 07931220094.

New stable, just in time for Winter 2010.

Ponies Blue, Berry & Bolt were rescued at different times, in appalling health & from totally inappropriate living conditions. They all recovered amazingly well & have been adopted & transferred to fantastic new homes.


Berry and Bolt