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Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

Hooch is a sort of American Bulldog Cross and only seven months old (as of Sept’18). He was born totally deaf and it is believed that perhaps as a result of rough tumbling with his siblings, he has suffered an injury to his right eye which he has sadly lost the sight of.

Despite this, Hooch is big (will grow further), loving, strong, healthy and has his whole life (with loads of fun!) ahead of him! Hooch needs someone around him all the time.

A new owner, with experience of living with a deaf dog will be useful, but although non hearing dogs require an adapted way of training, Hooch will be a fantastic challenge and a steep learning curve for his new family.

To discuss the possibility of adding Hooch to your home, please contact 07931220094

 HOOCH is on trial in a new home.