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Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

Five year old Labrador/Staffie Cross ELTON was happy and settled until a breakdown in the home meant that he could no longer stay and therefore needs a new home. It is through no fault of his that he has been back with us for quite some time.

Elton currently shares an outdoor pen and observes the daily goings on while eagerly waiting for his twice daily walks. He is a loyal, devoted, affectionate and handsome lad.

For detailed information on this patient lad and the type of home he needs, please ring 07931220094

Elton was at Wolfwood for four Christmases and was

our longest stay dog.

Feb 2014

Click on HD button when watching the video - a lot better quality.

Elton had a cosmetic eye issue which has been resolved through surgery. He’s now a very handsome lad and ready for his new home.

Elton is HOMED!!!!