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Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

This striking lad is three year old Staffy CYRIL.

He was very underweight when he arrived with us, but has since gained weight.

Comments from Lin (Happy Harvey's Dog Coaching with Lin) who has been working with Cyril.

26/7/18 -Cyril has improved immensely, he is such a happy dog compared to the stressed out nervous dog he once was.

Cyril walks well on the lead and has done well with regards to impulse control (the ability to sit and wait) he is now able to wait when asked and regularly checks in when he is on lead. He also engages in sniffing whilst on a walk this needs to be encouraged as it helps him engage with the environment, aids relaxation and promotes calm which is essential for Cyril.

I have every confidence that Cyril will make an excellent companion to someone who can provide him with a stable home and help him on his journey to a calm chilled out life, so he can enjoy exploring and having fun.

 I will provide a detailed coaching plan to help with Cyril’s introduction to his forever home.”  


07855 140528


Cyril is on trial in a new home.