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Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

CAIRO, a Lurcher Cross with lots of personality and energy is in need of a new home. He's approximately 7 years old ( originally rehomed from Wolfwood in 2013). He has been in his current home for six years and being rehomed through no fault of his own. He is no longer able to receive the care he deserves. Cairo is completely house trained and knows lots of commands such as sit, come and stay. He's neutered, micro chipped and up to date with all of his vaccinations. He's a good natured dog and very fit and healthy. He still has a lot of energy but after a good walk each day, he will settle in his bed for a snooze and can be left at home alone without becoming upset.

Cairo may benefit from a quieter home. For some unknown reason he's always been nervous of anyone in high-vis and becomes very excitable and bouncy when guests come to the house. He's very sociable and enjoys spending time with other dogs on walks although he's never lived with another dog.

Cairo pulls on the lead when going out for a walk but his harness and bunji style lead give him good feedback and help to reduce this and he's much calmer on the way home. He loves time off his lead on his walks to run free and his recall is excellent.

If you are able to offer Cairo a new home please contact 07931220094. Thank you.

Cairo is on trial in a new home.