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Devoted to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, & the Rehoming of Rescue Dogs.

BOB is a wonderful, sweet boy who turned two on the 1st May 2017.

He is in need of a new home as the young daughter in his present home has become allergic to him, which has progressively become worse over the last 18 months.

Bob is a very high energy dog, who needs frequent exercise. If he doesn’t, he can become mischievous, leading to chewing.

Due to Bob being separated from his Mum too early he does have some separation anxiety, this has been worked on and can now be left for no longer than 4hrs after a really good walk.

Bob is scared of paper, bags and water. (not sure why).

Bob is good around other dogs and has never shown any aggression, although can play quite roughly and get carried away when playing.

He has never been introduced to other animals so not sure how he would react towards them.

Bob has had a rough start to his life. He has come on in leaps and bounds but still has a long way to go. He would fit in with someone who is very energetic and used to handling head strong dogs. Bob is an amazing dog who has lots of love to give to the right person. He has been around two children aged four and one and has always had the utmost respect for both of them.

If you are interested in offering this lovely boy a new home, please ring 07931220094.